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Key cutting

Search for key blanks: cylinder-, car- and cross keys

Article no.: e. g. 206, 743, 1514, etc.
Lock-manufacturer: e.g. BKS, Abus, etc.
Profile: e. g. A, FH, 4A
Code: e.g. 3002, 2795
Application: e.g. VW, Opel
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Extensive search

If you do not have any details or want to extend the search, please measure the key as follows:

- sizes +
length of shaft:
width of shaft:
strength of shaft:
info tolerance
Rotatable key
Yes No Sample
Useable on both sides
(Rotatable 180°)
Material in the "angles"
Yes No
Yes No
Check at the key profile if there is any material in the 4 angles of the profile. You can do it the best way when you put the sample key with the key bow rightwards on the key top and to look from both sides. The profile cuts give the information about the character of the key angles. Please click if applicable.
Back of key processed
(slightly rounded)
Yes No
A processed back of key means:
No material in the corresponding angles